Allen County, KS

About the Project

Atlas Community Studios and McClure have partnered with Thrive Allen County and a diverse group of local leaders to develop a placemaking action plan for Allen County, Kansas. The purpose of the action plan is to assist Allen County with implementing innovative placemaking strategies and catalytic projects to improve quality of life for current and future residents.

Allen County’s placemaking action plan will focus on three key priorities*, including:

  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Key Building Revitalization

*Key priorities are subject to change.

Community Assessment Overview

Alex Holland (Atlas) and Clint Sloss (McClure) visited Allen County October 18-20, 2021 to give a project update and meet with local stakeholders.

Check out some of our preliminary findings below!

Scope of Work

In partnership with USDA Rural Development and their team at the Innovation Center, Atlas Community Studios and McClure will implement proven placemaking methods, including:

Host project team meetings, identify and select diverse steering committee members, facilitate preparatory steering committee meetings, conduct preliminary research assessment for each community/county, and develop a public engagement website.

Host visioning sessions for the steering committee and public, facilitate focus groups and one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders, solicit feedback via online survey(s), and identify emerging themes.

Compile and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, identify potential project concepts, and determine the viability of priority projects and initiatives.

Define priority projects and initiatives, identify key partners, create programming, determine capital and operating cost estimates, and compile public and private funding sources to consider for implementation.

Prioritize projects and initiatives, identify grant coordinators for each community/county, build cross-sector partnerships, identify capital campaign committee members, determine viable funding opportunities to implement priority projects and initiatives, and establish a timeline to execute.

Steering Committee

Thank you to the following people for volunteering their time and efforts during this process.

Point of Contact

Jonathon Goering, Economic Development Manager, Thrive Allen County

Name Organization
Miles Mentzer
Community National Bank & Trust
Elmore Patterson
Allen County Regional Hospital
Katelynn Morgan
Marmaton Valley Schools
Josh Granere
Peerless Products
Paul Cloutier
A Bolder Humboldt
Jim Gilpin
Community National Bank & Trust
Bruce Symes
Allen County
Matt Myers
Landmark National Bank
Janie Works
The Growing Place
Ron Hageman
Sonic Equipment Company
Melissa Stiffler
Iola High School
Dorothy Sparks
Hope Unlimited
Dan Kays
Bowlus Fine Arts Center
Lisse Regehr
Thrive Allen County
Jessica Thompson
Thrive Allen County
Jonathon Goering
Thrive Allen County